Garden Planning

How to Grow a Chef-Inspired Tower Garden

Do you dream of whipping up Tower-to-table meals with plump tomatoes, delicate dill, crisp peppers, and more? Foodies and dedicated home cooks, rejoice: The Chef-Inspired Tower is for you!

Top Plants to Grow in a Chef's Tower

Among the questions to consider when planning your Tower Garden is, "What plants will I grow?" To satisfy your inner chef (and hungry diners), aim for a large variety of veggies, fruits, and herbs that will shine in your culinary creations.

Browse this plant list to create your ultimate chef’s garden. You’ll need to decide in advance where to locate your Tower Garden, as many large, fruiting crops will not grow well indoors without some extra time and care. With that in mind, grow these plants indoors* or out for a steady supply of cooking ingredients:

  • Basil – easy-to-grow herb, common choice for pesto base
  • Beans – wonderful raw or cooked in stir-fries or soups
  • Cabbage – often steamed, primary ingredient in slaw 
  • Chard – delicious, versatile green and top superfood
  • Chives – delicate hint of green onion, suitable for omelets and dips
  • Cilantro (Coriander) – both a herb and a spice, cornerstone in Mexican and Asian dishes
  • Collards – staple of the U.S. South, packed with nutrients
  • Cumin – core ingredient in Latin, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisine
  • Dill – adds a fresh, herbal flavor to foods like grilled fish and fried eggs
  • Kale ­– a celebrated green, great in salads or sautéed
  • Leeks – buttery member of the onion family, often added to soups
  • Lettuces – add an unmistakable crunch to sandwiches, salads, tacos, and spring rolls
  • Mustard greens – spicy and quite tasty when stir-fried
  • Oregano – present in virtually all Italian dishes
  • Parsley – more than a garnish, complements stews and potato dishes
  • Rosemary – reach for this herb when roasting potatoes or grilling chicken
  • Sage – associated with the holidays, but useful year-round
  • Savory – lesser known herb, brings bean dishes to life
  • Spinach – commonly eaten in salads and stir-fries
  • Thyme – aromatic herb, pairs well with most everything (especially mushrooms)

*All plants grown indoor require LED Indoor Grow Lights to grow properly.

And if your Tower Garden will live outside, consider adding these to the mix:

  • Cucumbers – essential in chilled soup, refreshing salad ingredient
  • Eggplant – popular meat substitute, wonderfully rich when roasted or grilled
  • Hot peppers – easiest way to spice up any dish, range in heat levels
  • Squash – steamed, sautéed, or shredded for zucchini bread
  • Sweet peppers – enjoyable stir-fried or stuffed, adds color to dishes
  • Tomatoes – perennially popular crop with endless culinary applications

How to Arrange a Chef Tower

Now that you know what plants to grow, here are some tips about arranging them. Note that this plan assumes you have 28 planting spots. Adjust it to your tastes and equipment needs, and happy growing!